Digging Predators

For some of you, digging predators can possess a meaningful threat to the flock.

This usually happens in the evening. At a late hour, chickens should be in the coop with the automatic door closed, protecting them from the digging danger. There's no way for predators to get into the coop.

Our AI trained computer vision will suggest if the automatic door is opened outside of normal hours, allowing you to react accordingly. For example, cameras feature an alert that you can turn on that will produce sound in addition to light in order to scare off the predator.

If that happened to be while you are away, you may consider adding an additional layer of protection for your chickens. Get the wire cloth that can be laid on the ground and place the Coop and run on top of it. Adding plastic zip ties to connect wire cloth to the run frame can be a good idea. An example of such wire cloth can be found here.