Why isn't my QR code scanning?

Some network SSIDs may create "information dense" QR codes that make it difficult for the camera to scan. In these cases, we found enlarging the QR code, and displaying from a lager screen or piece of paper, will immediately scan on first attempt.

To save or send the QR code, tap the share button to launch the share sheet for easier manipulation.

Tap "Save to photos" to save to camera roll
Use the share button to launch Save/Share/Print options.

If you did face issues when pairing your camera, please reach out to help@coop.farm. We're actively working on improving this experience, so any additional details are greatly appreciated.

General tips and tricks when pairing your camera:

  • Put your device with the QR code up against a light/white background like a piece of printer paper. This can help the Cam better focus on the QR code.
  • Start with the Coop Cam around 2 inches from the QR code and slowly pull it away. This also can help the Cam better focus on the QR code.
  • Take a screenshot of the QR code and blow it up bigger on your device, or send it to another device with a bigger screen where you can blow it up even bigger.