Help! My camera isn't working anymore!

The most common solution to this problem is to confirm the camera is actually powered on.

  • To turn the camera on, long press the power button until you hear a chime, indicating the camera has powered on.

  • To turn the camera off, repeat the step above, and you will hear a slightly different chime indicating it has powered off.


If your camera has depleted its battery, the camera will be powered down. It will not automatically turn back on, even after a full charge. Before returning your camera to the coop, ensure the device is first powered on.


Determining the charging status

The camera indicates a yellow light for charging and a green light for a full charge.

Underpowered power supplies or defective micro USB cables may fail to charge the camera. The camera only supports a charger with 5V output voltage. A DC 5V/1.5A charger is recommended. When plugging the camera in, verify a yellow LED status light indicating the camera is actively charging.

Getting Help

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