How can I improve detection quality?

Flagging incorrect/missing detections

Albert Eggstein is continuously improving, much of these improvements come from the Coop community sharing incorrect detections or missed detections using the "Send to Coop" functionality.

From the motion event detail screen, tap the three dots, then Send To Coop

Sending individual events for improvement

Account level sharing

For the greatest level of accuracy, you can opt in to automatically share all events with Coop by turning on Share with Coop at the account level.

Profile -> Account -> Toggle Share with Coop


General tips and tricks

  • Ensure your camera is installed in the correct orientation. If your Roost or Run cameras are upside down, crooked, or partially blocked, this can negatively effect accuracy.
  • If the camera's environment suddenly changes or newly placed inanimate objects are placed in frame, these items can often look like predator from a distance. The model follows "Better safe than sorry", and will alert with a potential threat.