Pairing your CoopCams

Getting Started

Your cameras arrive pre-charged to about 50%. You can start using them right away, but ensure you charge them to full capacity within the first two weeks to ensure optimal performance.

Installing the Coop App

  1. Download and Install: Make sure you've download the Coop App from the App Store, and created or logged into your Coop account with the same email you used to place your order. (This helps ensure your important notificaitons and alerts are always sent to the correct place.)

Click here to watch a 1 minute, step by step video guide for pairing your cameras.

Pairing Your Cameras

  1. Add a Camera: In the Coop app, tap the '+' in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Select Your Network: Make sure your home Wi-Fi is selected, and ensure that it is a 2.4GHz network. Position your coop within 100-150 feet of your router when installing in your backyard.
  3. Choose Camera Location: Select either 'Roost' or 'Run' for the camera's location. The cameras are identical and will adapt their detection and notification settings accordingly.
  4. Power Confirmation: Ensure the camera is turned on and tap 'Next'. Listen for a continuous tone from the camera, indicating it is still in pairing mode, then tap 'Next' again.
  5. QR Code Scanning: Scan the QR code found on the bottom of your Coop Cam using your phone.
  6. Final QR Code: The app will generate a QR code on your screen. Hold the Coop Cam about 4-6 inches away from this QR code on your phone screen. Move or rotate the camera slightly until the camera successfully scans the QR code, indicated by a chime.

Important Note: Our cameras are designed to monitor entire backyard environments and pesky predators, not just phone screens. Therefore, it may take a few moments for the camera lenses to adjust and successfully scan the QR code.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If you have trouble scanning the QR code from your phone, try using a larger screen. You can tap the share button at the bottom of the QR code screen and send it to your computer to scan from there. Hold the camera at least 6 inches when scanning from a larger screen.
  • After a successful pairing chime, go tap the back button and refresh your home screen in the app. Your camera should now appear in your feed!

Need Help? If you encounter any issues during the pairing process or have further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at We're here to help ensure your setup goes smoothly!